Music Video Review: Matt Alber’s ‘Handsome Man’

What I like about this video is the interaction between the two men in the video is a little more realistic to how gay relationships relationships actually are. The two men cuddle, hug, kiss, touch and undress one another in a morning afterglow.

Often in media, our portrayals with our partners are much more chaste; think Drake Jensen’s ‘On My Way to Finding You’ or Tom Goss’s ‘Lover.’ Both, those videos take a more conservative approach to there subjects: hugging, hand-holding and kissing that is just brief enough to make the viewer aware that these men are more than just friends or family.

I am glad to see that we are moving more in a direction of depicting ourselves as a truer reflection of who we are. I am glad we are feeling more comfortable with ourselves and our own sexuality to not stuff it in the closet even though we may be out on an intellectual or social level. It’s one more thing that makes us truly equal and not second-class.

Learn more about Matt Alber

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Concert Review: Keith Urban’s ‘Raise ‘Em Up’ Tour

If you’ve got money to see a Keith Urban concert, do it! This man puts on quite a show. I went to see him at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts (former Great Woods for us old timers) July 26, 2014. Urban played for two-plus hours. He went on just before 9pm and played up until just after 11pm. At concerts, you often hear artists say they’ll play all night long; mostly that’s just to get a cheer from the crowd, with Urban, that statement was just about true. So much so that toward the end I actually found myself thinking, ‘I hope he doesn’t play too much longer ‘cuz I’d like to go home soon.’

During his set, Urban played mostly up-beat tunes with a slower one thrown in here or there. “Love Somebody Like You” and “Long Hot Summer” all part of the set list. During one of the small handful of times that Urban played something slower, he got the crowd revved up with the standard “Are you ready to have a good time?”; “Are you ready to party?”, which he followed up with “Good, ‘cuz we’re going to play a slow one” before launching into “Making Memories of Us.”

Three-quarters of the way through the concert, Continue reading

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My Labels for Raven Symoné: Beautiful, Intelligent, Well Spoken

Raven Symoné had Oprah Winfrey just about falling out of her chair when she said that she didn’t want to labeled African-American. In the same sentence, Raven also said that she did not want to be labeled gay either; (1:15 below) though she is in a relationship with a woman.

While many gay people may not have fallen out of their chairs at this statement from Raven Symoné, I’m sure there were few eye rolls at this comment. But isn’t this what we all want?

While we may not want to be seen as a “human who loves humans”, don’t we all want to be seen as just human? Continue reading

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Men on PrEP; in Their Own Words

The Advocate magazine interviewed six men who are taking PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) as a HIV infection preventative. The men interviewed are single, coupled and serodiscordant couples (one HIV positive; the other negative). All discuss what made them decide to take PrEP as well as if they have encountered any stigma because of their decision. Men on PrEP can be viewed by the community as engaging in risky, promiscuous sex.

photo via The Advocate

Damon L. Jacobs
New York, New York
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Have you encountered stigma? If so, how have you addressed it?
I have encountered incredible stigma because of being so open about using Truvada as PrEP. I handle it by remembering the truth: This is a way to prevent HIV. When getting attacked by others, I stick to scientific facts versus moralistic opinions. Also, I remember conversations with my friends and loved ones who died from AIDS. They wanted me to live, they wanted me to thrive, they wanted me to fight. They would have taken PrEP to stay alive if they had had the choice. I speak out for them, as much as for myself. That makes the stigma and attacks tolerable

photo via The Advocate

David Grodsky
San Francisco
Regulatory Compliance Analyst

When did you decide to start taking PrEP, and what prompted the decision? Continue reading

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Equality Becomes Old News

Washington Express October 7

Or so you might think based on the October 7 cover of Washington, D.C.’s Express, the free daily newspaper put out by The Washington Post. Dominating the cover is news of the Washington National’s winning their October 6 game against San Francisco; keeping the Nat’s playoff hopes alive. Relegated to the sidebar is the news of the Supreme Court’s decision not to accept any of the current gay-marriage cases before it; allowing equality for same-sex couples in Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Indiana. This is only one day after the announced decision by the Court.


Does the placement of the of this piece mean that marriage equality has become “boring” just as Michelle Bachmann said at the 2014 CPAC Convention?

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Today in LGBT History: The World’s First LGBT Same-Sex Couple Registry

via Joe. My. God.

On October 1st 1989, An event unlike any before in history took place at the Copenhagen town hall in Denmark. That Sunday, a national law went into effect that allowed same-sex couples to be joined in a civil union, and 11 gay male couples did just that — a school psychologist, a Lutheran minister, and a high school teacher among them. One of the grooms, Eigil Axgil (née Eskildsen), then 67 years old, told Rex Wockner, an American journalist who was there covering it, “We just never could have dreamed that we would get this far.” They had plenty of reason for doubt. Four decades earlier, Eigil’s partner, Axel Axgil (née Lundahl-Madsen), launched Continue reading

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A View Into The Mind of Gay Sociological Analysis

What’s it like to be a gay person? What’s it like to be constantly evaluating, analyzing, checking yourself in social situations to determine if you will be accepted, tolerated, discriminated, snubbed or even attacked? College Student Andrew Gelwicks gives us a good overview in his Huffington Post blog contribution:

During one of our moves, a girl saw us and ran over, squealing with excitement. “OH. MY. GOD. You two look so cute! Let me get a picture!” She immediately grabbed a cell phone, pointing it at us. William automatically put his arm around me, pulling me closer to him. I could feel his supportive hand on the arch of my back.

Once the pictures were taken (of course with flash, because there wasn’t enough attention on us already), I quickly took a step back, separating myself from my attractive date. “Really,” the girl continued to gush, “you two look adorable.”

After she ran away, I thought back to our hotel room, Continue reading

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