Random Eye Candy: Talk Show Host, Andy Cohen

Queerty.com brings us these tweeted photos of the hunkiest talk show host on the air today, Andy Cohen.

Dang! I’ve been going to the wrong beach.

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Rayna Jaymes Real Life Counterpart is Lee Ann Womack

We’ve been looking at the wrong flame-haired beauty.

Since the TV series ‘Nashville’ hit the air in 2012, speculation has run rampant about who the main character of Rayna Jaymes is based upon. Reba McEntitre has been the front-runner in most conversations, but Faith Hill and even Sara Evans have been tossed about. After seeing the below interview, though, I’m convinced it is actually Lee Ann Womack.

In addition to Lee Ann’s background: the kids, the success, being out of the spotlight for a bit; you tell me that you don’t see an uncanny resemblance in looks and manner to leading lady of ABC’s steel guitar sudser. Agree; disagree?

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Why It Gets Better: Anti-Bullying Legislation in Montana

From the Billings Gazette:

HELENA — It took more than 10 years, several proposals and countless stories from young people who have suffered, but on Tuesday, Montana joined every other state in the nation with an anti-bullying law.

Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock signed the Bully Free Montana Act at Jefferson Elementary School in Helena. Bill sponsor Rep. Kim Dudik, Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau, students and their families joined Bullock for the signing of House Bill 284.


The new law defines bullying as Continue reading

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PrideSource Q & A with Reba McEntire: LGBT acceptance; Reba Illusionists and Women on the Radio

In a PrideSource website interview with one of country music’s leading ladies, Reba McEntire touches on the progress she sees in the industry’s acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender fans; who’d win in a country Queen-off; and the dearth of women in country radio:

In your four decades as a country musician, how much progress do you think the genre has made when it comes to embracing LGBT fans with open arms?

Well, I’ve always embraced gay and lesbian fans with both arms. I have a huge gay following!

Absolutely. But country music as a whole – do you see progress when it comes to LGBT equality?

Yeah, I do. There are more (artists) speaking out about it, but I can’t really speak for anyone else other than myself.

If Reba, Wynonna and Dolly drag queens were to compete, how would you mentor the Reba queen to ensure her victory? Continue reading

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Today in LGBT History: Marching for Our Rights In Washington, D.C. circa 1965

As we are a week away from another historic moment in gay rights history with the April 28th Supreme Court Cases on Marriage Equality, we are reminded by ABC news of another milestone in gay history that happened around this same time of year in 1965.

Paul Kuntzler said that when he and nine other people picketed the White House 50 years ago today, protesting the government’s treatment of gays and lesbians, he could not imagine how far the gay rights movement would come in five decades.

That protest on April 17, 1965, is believed to [be] Continue reading

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Laverne Cox shows Off Her Body Beautiful

After turning down the opportunity, Laverne Cox decided that she would pose nude for Allure magazine in order to show the world that transgender women and women of color are beautiful:

“…I’m a black transgender woman. I felt this could be really powerful for the communities that I represent.”

“Black women are not often told that we’re beautiful unless we align with certain standards,” she added. “Trans women certainly are not told we’re beautiful.”

Nude photo of Laverne Cox

photo credit Allure magazine via queerty.com


Success on both accounts, Laverne. Because you certainly are beautiful, like so many other transgender women and women of color who we encounter every day. They all have allure in their own way.

Read the original article

See more about the photo shoot at Allure’s website with VIDEO

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Is This Religious Freedom: Kicking You Out of A Cab?

In the debate over Religious Freedom and, specifically, Religious Freedom Restoration Acts; like the one that was signed into law by Indiana, the main example that people bring up on both sides of the issue is the baker would not want to make a cake for a gay wedding. But gay lives and our interactions for services extend far beyond the doors of any bakery.

Take the below report on advocate.com of two men who were kicked out of a cab for kissing:

A Chicago cab driver is facing assault charges for kicking two gay men out of his car.

Mahdi Hared forced Shadi Ramini and Seth Day to exit his cab in the Margate Park neighborhood April 1 after he witnessed the pair kissing, reports the Chicago Tribune. The driver refused to take them to their destination.


“I should be able to Continue reading

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