God SHOULD HAVE Created Adam and Steve

It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve is a frequent slogan used by those against LGBT equality. They point to God creating man and woman in the garden of Eden as companions for their reasoning to deny rights to GLBT people. Really? You think that is a good argument? Isn’t the first couple; the first heterosexual couple, responsible for the downfall of the human race? A fall from God’s grace that happened because they couldn’t obey one simple request of their creator: eat from everywhere, but that tree over there. Seriuosly?! They are your model couple?

It seems to me that after the however many thousands of years that have passed that God took a look around and maybe said to himself/herself, ‘Straights are really lousing things up, just like in the beginning. Rather than flood or smote them again, lemme try something different. Lemme try and create some gay people and see if they might be able to clean the mess up.’ And thus we’re here, we’re queer and God looked down and said it was fabulous.

In terms of how we’d procreate, God is all powerful, right? In the beginning there was nothing and God created light, animals and man and woman. No one came before Adam and Eve. In fact, Eve was created by taking a rib out of Adam wasn’t she? She wasn’t conceived by any of the natural means that the anti-gay establishment likes to parade out when gays are asking for equality. Furthermore, thousands of years later, Mary concieved without any type of procreative activity. She just felt the spirit upon her and–boom!–she’s pregnant. So, it is entirely feasable that God could have created another way for life to continue and renew itself. All things are possible with God; aren’t they? Why wouldn’t it be possible for God to have come up with another avenue for procreation? I’m sure there are some women out there who would appreciate having an easiery way to birth children or who would jump with glee if men were able to share the experience as it is now.

Maybe had God created Adam and Steve “in the beginning” we’d all be lounging around; having a good time; enjoying paradise with not a care in the world.

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