Why Every Civil Rights Struggle is the Same

Recently, an article on the webstie goodasyou.org about a North Carolina pastor who was outraged that gay people dared to compare themselves to the civil rights movemnt of the 60s (read the article here); something that other opponents of the gay rights movement have stated; claiming we’re “hijacking” civil rights and that the two shouldn’t be compared. But every civil rights movement from the dawn of time should be compared because at their root, they are all the same.

Every civil rights struggle is the same because at their core they seek to achieve the same goals for their group. These goals are the respect of self; the ability to shake off shame, fear, self-loathing and hold your head up high and say ‘I am worthy.’ I am worthy of my respect and yours. I am worthy of having you look at me as equal and not a less-than. I am worthy of looking at myself as an equal and not a less-than. I don’t deserve to be beat down–by myself or anyone else. No one should make me doubt my own worth in their actions or their deeds because I am worthy.

While each civil rights struggle comes with its own unique oppressions; oppressions that are legitimate for each group to remember, recall and be angry about, we must not get angry that any one group is “hijacking” a civil rights movement from any other. We as GLBT people want no more, nor no less than to be treated as equals; to be worthy in our own eyes and in they eyes of all humanity. Be not angry that we are appropriating a movement, be proud that we are modeling after it. This, along with our eventual achievement of equality, is part of the legacy of civil rights.

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