Boy, Was I Surprised

I had seen this video earlier today (again on Joe. My. God.) and didn’t think much of it. Seeing this guy come out to his dad on the phone brought back some memories of my own coming out to my family (mine was by letter).

It wasn’t until I got home tonight and opened up to msnbc that I discovered who it really was. I had been looking at some of the AreYouSurprised YouTube videos; wondering who it was and when he would reveal himself and now he has.

Seeing the face with the videos has upped the impact of the videos. Now, we know who this stranger is by face. And as we look at him, we realize that he isn’t a stranger at all. He’s us; all of us. He’s the us who expreienced those range of emotions and thoughts as we navigated life when we were in the closet and when we finally took that small step, but giant leap to come out to friends and family. So the big surprise of AreYouSurprised is not seeing who this man is, but seeing ourselves all over again.

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