Rally For Homeless Gay Kids in New York 10/24

From Joe. My. God., and excellent photo slide show of the rally for LGBT homeless youth held on October 24th in NY City.

GLBT Youth at Ali Forney Center

The rally was put on by New York City’s Ali Forney Center.

The Ali Forney Center offers LGBT youth, ages 16-24, emergency and transitional housing and support so that these young adults can escape a life on the streets and begin to live healthy and independent lives.

As LGBT youth come out at younger ages, thousands face homophobia in their homes. Many are rejected by their families and driven from their homes. In New York City an LGBT teen is eight times more likely to experience homelessness than is a straight teen. LGBT youths suffering homelessness on the streets face terrible risk of HIV infection, physical and sexual assault, and suicide.In 2008, a census of homeless youth in NYC found that every night almost 4000 youth are without stable housing. However, New York City and New York State combine funds to support fewer than 200 youth shelter beds. In 2011 Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature cut funds for homeless youth by 50%, and Mayor Bloomberg sought to cut funds for homeless youth by 60%.

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