Somethin’ ‘Bout a Kip Moore ON that Truck

Found this song and video by Kip Moore on YouTube. I really like the song and really like the image of Moore on the hood of the truck as well as him stripin’ his shirt off around the 2:04 mark (screen grabs below the video [and you’re welcome]).

Video Screen Grab Somthin' 'Bout a Truck Kip Moore

Screen Grab 2 Somethin' 'Bout a Truck Video Kip Moore

From Moore’s website:

Singer-songwriter Kip Moore combines a raw and rustic voice with compelling lyrics of honesty to create a unique sound that’s simultaneously hypnotic and edgy. His voice is weathered by life’s detours and disappointments and strengthened by his dreams and determination. His music is infused with relentless intensity, both of passion and frustration.

I’ll look forward to hearning (and seeing) more of this fella.

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