Real homophobes don’t Google (commentary from Mark Morford)

While I normally don’t like snarky commentary, this article from Mark Morford in the San Francisco Chronicle really tickled me for its over-the-top, yet spot-on, nod to how support; even self-serving support, for gays is inescapable:

Behold, dear homophobe, the upwards of 70 major U.S. companies who have just signed an amicus brief — basically a formal f-you complaint to the federal government and its odious Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) — saying the damn thing is bad for business, forces discrimination and inequality in company practices, was written by/for angry encephalitic right-wing thugs who don’t know their God from a hole in the seminary wall. I might be making up that last part. But only barely.


Besides, the backwards lug in you and the jaded cynic in me could easily argue that most of these companies couldn’t care less about gay rights, per se. They only really care about the money DOMA costs them. They care about health care expenses, administrative overhead, profit and loss. They only care about, you know, capitalism. And everyone knows, capitalism doesn’t discriminate. It’s an equal opportunity exploiter.

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