Chesney, McGraw team up for super tour of stadiums

From an article:

The tour, dubbed the Brothers of the Sun Tour, will kick off June 2 in Tampa, Fla., and wrap Aug. 25 in Foxboro, Mass. Along the way, there will be stops in many of the nation’s largest cities, including East Rutherford, N.J., where Chesney set a record this summer for paid attendance to a live country show in the New York City area. There’s also a stop in Nashville, Tenn., a place neither artist has played regularly.

[snip switched]

“It’s two artists who’ve known each other for 20 years, who’ve been friends for 20 years … at the top of our game to be able to go out and do this together,” McGraw said. “To get two artists to agree on anything is pretty spectacular. But to agree to go out together, do a tour together and just have a great time together and play music together is a pretty unique and remarkable thing. And I think that can only happen with guys who are as good of friends as we are.”

While I normally don’t go for stadium venues for a concert (I prefer something slightly more intimate; where the artist on stage isn’t the size of the mosquitos buzzin’ in the air), this is something that I might be willing to pay good money to see and be up front. Partly because they are both good artists and partly because I’ve been crushin’ on Chesney for a decade now (sorry, Tim 😉 ).

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