Today in “It’s Hard to Do Right” Examples

Comes the below from Tom Vilsack the Secretary of Agriculture.  From the blog Politico 44, the “Living Diary of the Obama Presidency” on

Former Iowa Governor and current Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack praised the establishment of same-sex marriage in his state — but stopped just short of endorsing it nationwide.


Still, Vilsack wouldn’t comment on whether that view on same-sex marriage extended nationwide.

“I don’t know what that’s got to do with the Secretary of Agriculture,” Vilsack told POLITICO. The USDA chief said the question of gay marriage was a distraction to the issues that farmers, ranchers and rural Americans faced.

Let me clear up the confusion for your Mr. Vilsack on generally what it has to do with the Department of Agriculture. I would suspect that some of your employees come from the states of Maryland or Virginia, which do not have marriage equality rights; therefore, regulating those states citizens to second class. Additionally, I would also suspect that there are some GLBT farmers, ranchers and rural American’s who are “distracted” by the thought of living in a state that doesn’t have marriage equality; in some cases because it is outright banned in the given state’s constitution, leaving these couples and their assets less secure than those of heterosexual married couples. So, yeah, it does have something to do with your department. In this season of Christmas, your flippant answer to dodge what you may see as a political hot potato brings to mind the quote spoken by Marley in Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol: “Mankind was my business.” Mr. Vilsack, do right, make mankind your business.

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