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LOS ANGELES: Elderly Marriage Activist Dies Waiting For Prop 8 To Be Overturned

Reposted from Joe. My. God. Ed Watson has died at the age of 78. Watson made national news this year when he expressed his hope that he would be allowed to marry before Alzheimer’s Disease robbed him of the ability … Continue reading

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Great Quote For Marriage Equality

Madame Secretary, recall the joy you experienced at your daughter’s wedding. If she were gay, should she — should you? — have been denied that moment? From an op-ed by Ruth Marcus in The Washington Post discussing President Obama’s evolution … Continue reading

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My Name Is Ceara Sturgis, and I Am Not a Troublemaker

From the ACLU Blog of Rights: When graduating senior Ceara Sturgis chose to wear a tuxedo for her senior yearbook photo, rather than the drape typically reserved for girls, her school responded by excluding her entirely from the senior portrait … Continue reading

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Elijah the prophet: Little boy who goosed Michele Bachmann over gay marriage may have been coached, but he’s still right

This article from the New York Daily News puts, succinctly, what it on my mind: Eight-year-old Elijah may have been coached into confronting Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on gay marriage Sunday, or his priceless jab may have been purely unrehearsed. Either way, Elijah spoke like … Continue reading

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Troy, Mich. mayor confronted by angry citizens over use of gay slur

From TROY, Mich. — In a city council meeting that stretched five hours until nearly 1 a.m. Tuesday, residents of Troy, Mich. blasted mayor Janice Daniels over comments she posted to Facebook last June about gay marriage, which included … Continue reading

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Maryland, Missouri Municipalities Protect Gender Identity

From with links to both full articles: Possibly in response to inaction at the state and national levels, a Maryland county and a Missouri city moved to protect its transgender citizens from discrimination.

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Raleigh City Council Passes Resolution Opposing Anti-LGBT Amendment, 6-2

From Equality North Carolina: Raleigh, N.C. — The Raleigh City Council passed a resolution Tuesday opposing a proposed constitutional amendment appearing on the state’s primary ballot. In a 6-2 vote, new Mayor Nancy McFarlane, who was sworn in on December … Continue reading

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