States Rights vs. Municipality Rights for Omaha LGBT Citizens

Nebraska state senator Beau McCoy wants to make the lives of GLBT citizens in Nebraska harder in the name of uniformity. The below comes from

A new debate is brewing at Omaha City Hall and in the State Capitol over who can qualify as a “protected class” under discrimination laws.

City Councilman Ben Gray says he plans to place a measure to ban discrimination against homosexual and transgender people on the council’s agenda — as early as the end of the month or by late February.

Omaha state senator [Beau McCoy] wants to bar cities and local governments from unilaterally creating such protected classes. Instead, the bill would grant such authority solely to the state.

This wouldn’t be so bad if there was legislation pending on the state level to protect LGBT citizens, but there is not as McCoy states later in the article.

McCoy – whose legislative district covers part of Omaha, Valley and a chunk of northwestern Douglas County – declined to say whether he’d support a statewide proposal to include the gay and transgender population as a protected class, because a specific proposal isn’t on the table.

Read the full article

Contact Sen. Beau McCoy and let him know what you think of LB 912

Update: You can also tweet your thoughts to Sen. McCoy via @BeauRMcoy

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