There’s Just One Word To Describe Toby Keith’s “Clancy’s Tavern”: Good

Clancy's Tavern Album CoverWith Clancy’s Tavern Toby Keith creates another terrific album that shows he’s more than just the patriot-song-man that so many are familiar with. Toby shows off his range of ability with this collection of songs that run the gaumet from bluesey and smokey to island infused to rocking to silly. On Clancy’s Taven there is truely something for everyone.

Startin with the silly is “Red Solo Cup.” Who else could create an ode to the picnic and patry staple except a country artist? And while there are other country artists that could sing this song–Tracy Byrd come to mind–what I love about Toby siningin’ it is that it shows his ability to be very tongue in cheek. You gotta hear him say my favorite lyric “Red Solo Cup…your my friend”

Along those same silly lines, but with a little more relatable truth to it is the song “Trying to Fall in Love.” It’s a fast two-steppin’ song about the continuing quest for love even when you keep striking out:

If women come a dime a dozen, I don’t have a penny/
Some guys are getting way too much/
some guys don’t get any/
If I had a nickle for evey time I’ve had enough/
I’d still be busted and heartbroken/
Still be tryin’ to fall in love

What a neat way to express gettin’ back out there when love beats ya down.

A little more on the standard side of country song love is “I Need to Hear a Country Song.” For those of us who drown our sorrows in music after a breakup, you’ll love this bluesy tune for it experssion of that sentiment and want to add it to your “sorrows” playlist.

“Just Another Sundown” is another gettin’ over lost love song that’s impressive for it’s sound. It sounds like a reject off of Kenny Chesney’s Hemingway’s Whiskey. And you can picture Chesney’s voice wrappin around the lyrics. Yet, even though that thought comes to your mind, it doesn’t overshaddow Toby’s perfect handling of the tune.

Almost a companion song to “Sundown” is “Somewhere South of You.” Like “Sundown” its a get a way to get over love theme, which, were not for the more upbeat melody of this tune, it would seem repetitve.

Not to be limited to one culture of music Toby gives a flamenco tinged tune to club “Zydeco Moon.” Those who liked “Bullets in the Gun” will like this song about lost money and nights to an enticing woman from a local club. And the title track “Clancy’s Tavern” is the perfect Irish-drinking-song ode to a favorite watering hole.

I could go on about the other songs on the album, but there’s one word that can just sum them up: good. There isn’t a mistake in the bunch. This may be his best album since the earlier work he had done prior to his “How Do You Like Me Now?!” hit. Even the CD booklet, though lacking in shots of the handsome, blonde big dog himself, is well put together. You can tell that even though it isn’t flashy, care was taken in putting it together. That’s something can also be said about the music. And boy it sure shows.

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