Why It Gets Better

I’ve been doing some thinking on the It Get’s Better Project by Dan Savage and the suicides of gay youth that keep happening. I’ve been thinking aside from our own personal, verbal encouragement, what is there to show them it gets better; something going on right now that we can point to in order to let them know that it is getting better for all GLBT people. Then, it hit me. There are things that demonstrate that it gets better. There are things happening right now all around us that are making it better. It is my hope that in highlighting these things that it will give GLBT youth another reason to hold onto; to look forward; to live.

In this first post; why it gets better? When politcal leaders say things like this:

The fire that Senator Steve Sweeny has in his response; the “are you kidding me?!” and “Why bother if the governer doesn’t want to do it,” is a new, bolder kind of support we are seeing from politicians. It wasn’t so long ago that politicians support was tepid at best, when it wasn’t patronizing. We still see some of that today, but we are seeing more and more enthusiastic support for our rights. I only expect that support to increase and I believe we it will increse at an exponential pace. And that is a reason why it gets better.

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