Today in the Sanctity of Marriage: Get Married or Get Fired

We hear a lot about how the union of man and woman is special, an institution that has been “ordained by God”, something that is a privalge not a right, so, I’ve decided to start a new series of posts about this idea. I will be periodically highlighting examples where that “sanctity” is compromised, treated hypocritically or is just a plan do I say, not as I do example.

Today’s highlight comes from accross the globe in Russia. As posted at, a gay flight attendant from Aeroflot airlines was forced to enter into a union of one man, one woman or loose his job:

According to a report by, internal sources at Aeroflot confirmed that 25-year-old flight attendant Maxim Kupreev was given the ultimatum late last year after he announced plans to establish an LGBT group within the airline in order to protect the rights of gay and lesbian employees.

At the end of 2011, Kupreev married his school friend Sofia Mikhailova so he could retain his job at Aeroflot. Mikhailova, in turn, received the right to fly Aeroflot for 10 percent of the fare – and other company privileges.

What a delightful way to celebrate and honor an institution that has been in existance since “before Minnesota was a twinkle in some explorers eye” (Teresa Collette, a law professor from University of St. Thomas). And flying at 10% of the commercial fare! That’s an added benefit that I’m sure most gay marriage activist hadn’t even thought of!

Read the full story

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