Remember to Thank Our LGBT Supporters

Laurel Ramseyer, writing over at Pam Spaulding’s Pam’s House Blend, has an excellent idea; thank those who come out support marrige equality. This is something that we shouldn’t forget about in our quest for equality. While we are busy writing blog posts, editorials, talking with friends, families, companies and lawmakers about our own stories and battling back against the lies and defamation of anti-gay people, we should, also, stop and take a moment to send our own appreciation and thanks to people, businesses and organizations that support us. We GLBTs are good about loyalty, let’s be loyal in doing something from the past to help our future; composing a nice thank you note.

Read Laurel’s post, which includes a handy, dandy link to send your own thank you Starbucks.

See mine below:

Thanks for coming out in support of the Marriage Equality Bill in Washington State. It’s important that not only individuals but also companies like yourself make a strong commitment to the equality of a marginilized and often demonized part of the population. Your support send a message of hope to the many individuals who are working toward and striving for equality for all LGBT people, but more importantly, it also sends a message of hope to those who are still living with fear, shame and poor self image for being LGBT. In part, your support, is showing them that it does get better.

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