Quote of the Day: Author Jodi Picoult defends NH Same Sex Marriage Law

As posted on Patch.com:

“I am also a mother. My eldest son attends Yale and carries a 3.9 GPA. He is fluent in four languages. He runs a youth theater program for underserved kids in New Haven, teaches ballroom dance, got a resolution passed in New Hampshire to endorse the use of reusable grocery bags and last summer, he spent his time teaching math and Arabic to underprivileged students at Breakthrough Manchester. He is also gay, but that is by far the least interesting thing about him,” said Picoult in a statement published on the group’s web page.

“I’d think a young man with so much promise and civic engagement is exactly the type of person we would hope to have settle down in this state — and yet, why would he come back home, when bills like this label him as a second-class citizen, and attempt to take away his right to marry someone he loves, Picoult said.“Prejudice is prejudice, no matter how fancy the language is,” says Picoult.

See the full posting

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