Singer-Songwriter Aiden James

From the a music review of James’s Trouble with This in MetroWeekly:

If you didn’t know James was from Philadelphia, you might peg James as a Midwesterner, or near-Westerner. He sings plainly, with a hint of a twang. Ultimately, his electro-folk music is a variant of folk-pop, with electronic – even country – stylings for color. And some of his songs, especially heart-wearying ballads such as ”Gonna Hurt More” and ”Snapshot,” would be right at home on country radio. The closing track, ”Touch Your Heart,” has a touch of Jason Mraz in its playful folk energy.

But really, what makes Aiden James stand out isn’t just that he’s gay – actually, there’s a budding crop of gay singer-songwriters today worthy of attention. James deserves more attention because of the relatively subtle, clever touches he often adds to punctuate his musical messages.

What first caught my eye about the review in MetroWeekly was how attractive James is. After reading the review, I went to his website in search of more photos and to hear some of his songs for myself. His music has a easy-breezy, plesant sound to it that I really enjoyed. Being a gay artist, and a good one from what I have heard so far, I wanted to support one of our own by highlight him on this site. Learn more about him and listen to some of his music via the links below.

Read the article in MetroWeekly

Visit Aiden James’s website

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