Episcopal Bishop of Alaska endorses Prop 5, Anchorage Equal Rights Initiative

Reposted from the blog Bent Alaska:

The Right Rev. Mark Lattime, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska, is endorsing Proposition 5, the Anchorage Equal Rights Initiative, which will appear on the April 3 Anchorage municipal ballot (the initiative, if passed, will amend Anchorage’s equal rights code to provide the same legal protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or transgender identity).


Bishop Lattime affirmed his commitment to LGBT equality in a letter yesterday to Rev. Michael Burke, rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and convenor of Christians for Equality, an interdenominational organization of faith leaders who support One Anchorage and advocate passage of Proposition 5.

It’s great how these “people of faith” are coming out to support us. It shows that support for LGBT folks is also a “religous issue” as well.

Read the full article

Learn more about Proposition 5 through the One Anchorage Website

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