County Artist Dustin Lynch Cranks My Tractor

Country Artist Dustin LynchHere’s something to wake you up on a Sunday morning. A new, handsome, country artist with a 100K watt smile that will knock you off your feet. I happened upon Dustin Lynch about a month back and listened to his single “Cowboys and Angels” which I didn’t like to much. Though I really liked the instrumentals; a slow, buckle-polish, guitar tune, the lyrics I felt were a bit clunky:

I’ve got boots and she’s got wings/
I’m hell on wheels and she’s heavenly

Though he’s a fine looking cowboy, I passed him over based on my opinion of this song. However, last night, I happened upon him again via an article on

The article had a couple more tunes of his that I listened to and liked; especially, “She Crank’s My Tractor.” It’s a hard-driving country tune that is your typical standard ode to a woman that really gets ya going. Lynch’s thick, rich-as-honey voice and the country rock sound are really what make this tune worth a listen.

You can find out more about Lynch via his website, He’s got a video blog, too, called Tuesdays on the DL — no, not that kinda DL. It’s “DL” for his initials. My personal favorite is Episode 30 where he talks about writing a new song called “Good with My Hands.” It’s a double-entendre type song about a guy who’s working on a gal’s truck that sounds like it would be a perfect fast-tempo buckle-polisher song:

Step aside, pretty thing/
Let me under your hood/
In no time at all I’ll have you going real good

Also, check out the acoustic version of “Cowboys and Angels” as well, where you can see his pretty, blue peepers peeking at ya now and again from under his cowboy and features lots of close-ups of his handsome dog face. For a simple sit and sing video, it’ll put the steam on the top your coffee cup this AM.

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