Profile: Gay, black city councilman fights for transgender workers

Below is an excerpt an excellent profile piece on Berkeley, CA city councilman Darryl Moore, who “led an effort to pass legislation covering health benefits for transgender city employees, including paying for sex reassignment surgery.”

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Moore had been approached by a city employee who was transgender, and who had pointed out that the city didn’t include transgender health benefits in its health plans for city workers.  “So I sponsored a piece of legislation requiring the city to make it part of its health care benefit package,” said Moore.

The fallout was national in scope, with media outlets portraying his proposal as “crazy Berkely doing more crazy things,” Moore said.  “But it’s really an issue of equality.  Transgender workers should have this benefit.”

Even gay friends told Moore his proposal wasn’t smart for him politically.  “I disagreed, and I would tell them that.  And I sat down and had some long discussions with friends and colleagues about why this was important and necessary.  It was amazing how little knowledge some of them had about transgender issues,” Moore said.

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