My Kirk Cameron Commentary

I wasn’t going to post a reaction to Kirk Cameron’s comments on being gay (see video below) because I really didn’t think it would have the amount of legs that it has. Since there has been a lot of tweeting, blogging, and television talk show discussion about it, I figure I would throw in my three cents (because I always give more than what people want to hear).

First of all, I agree with Sara Gilbert’s opinion that comments like Kirk’s are really the destructive comments. They are detrimental to well being of young LGBT people who hear this message and internalize it. And they aren’t the only ones. What is more damaging, is that comments like this are internalized by people who are anti-gay. Saying homosexuality is unatural, detrimental, destructive to the foundations of civilization is the same as saying ‘gays are bad.’ And by saying ‘gays are bad’ you are, by extension, giving a subliminal licence to folks to treat gays badly. To bully gays. To harrassas them. No matter how much you may claim that your beliefs and opinions are really about ‘love’ they are inciting hate.

Secondly, I am getting so tired of all the self-rightous save-the-gays heterosexuals who are talking about how awful it is for the world if gay people exist; get married and form loving committed bonds to one another and whatever families they create. We have seen time and time again children who are standing up for their gay parents in testimonies ranging from gay adoption to gay marriage equality. I have yet to see any child who has been raised by gay parents stand up in legislative hearings or on talk show interviews saying their life is messed up because their parents were gay. What I see instead is a lot of heterosexual kids talking and testifing about how gay marriage equality and gay parenting would be bad.

Finally, lets live in the real world. Gay have existed forever. It’s not like we just popped up circa 1969. We may not have always been visible, but we have always been here. And society seems to be chugging along just fine with us in the mix.

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