The Latest on the NH Repeal of Gay Marriage Effort

Otherwise know as a complete waste of time and resources or down the rabbit hole. This one absolutely looks like it was dreamt up by a mad hatter. From

CONCORD, N.H. — The sponsor of a bill to repeal New Hampshire’s same-sex marriage law  proposed Tuesday to give voters a chance to weigh in through a nonbinding ballot  question on whether the state should restore a 2007 civil unions law.

State Rep. David Bates, a Windham Republican, said his proposal would  repeal same-sex marriage effective March 31, 2013, and replace it with civil  unions. He said if voters decide in November they want to keep civil unions for  same-sex couples, gay marriage would be repealed. He said if voters object to  repealing gay marriage, lawmakers would have time to stop the repeal from taking  effect.


Bates said his amendment will satisfy some critics who said his original  proposal failed to ensure the almost 1,900 existing same-sex marriages would not  be affected if the law that took effect in 2010 is repealed. The amendment  specifically states their marriages will not be affected. Bates said it would  replace the current “illegitimate definition” of marriage with one defining it  as between one man and one woman.

So lets break this down: 1) You’re going to waste time and resources this year to create a non-binding ballot question (defined as merely consultative or advisory. It is left to the government or legislature to interpret the results of a non-binding referendum and it may even choose to ignore them. [source])  2) You’re going to waste time in the next year because the voters may decided to keep what is already in place, thus, lawmakers would have to put some work into stopping any repeal from taking effect. 3) You’re going to have some married same-sex couples regardless because the ones that happened post 2010 would still be considered legitimate while ones post 2013 would just be civil unions; in effect creating two different classes of the same couples. That is crazy and confusing to say the least.

If you would like to let your New Hampshire lawmakers know they should stop all this Tom Foolery and do some real work, give them a jingle. I’m sure they’d love to hearyouropinion right now on this issue since they are so eager for a vote. Help them save some money and time, by not waiting until November.

Read the full article of all the crazy in Concord

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