Quote of the Day: Former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz on MN’s Legacy

“At this crossroads in Minnesota’s history we must not allow our state’s constitution to get caught up in the prevailing winds of the day. We may disagree on how best to recognize committed same-sex couples, but I believe quite firmly that legislating this issue by constitutional amendment is both inappropriate and a threat to the legacy of our state.”

The above is a quote from minnpost.com in reference to the current anti-gay Minnesota Marriage Amendment. What struck me most about the quote was the “prevailing winds” and “legacy of our state” part of it.

Contitutions are supposed to be documents that are created and amended to govern for time and memoriam not just for the given moment. Enacting the one man, one woman (or alternately union of a man and woman) marriage ammendments goes against both those ideals. Gay marriage equality is a political issue for the day not for all time. Though anti-gay marriage equality advocates would have you believe differently, we see how the needle is moving more and more in favor of us with each passing day, which brings us Blatz’s second point: legacy.

We see favorablity of equal rights for GLBTs not just in marriage, but in other areas expanding every day as well. Sometimes that expansion is incremental and other times grand and sweeping, but there is no denying the march to full equality and acceptance for GLBT Americans is moving forward. How is it going to look in the future when that time comes and we have discriminatory ammendments marriage amendments in 30 states as of this writing? How embarrasing will it be when we look back during the time of great support for equality of GLBT persons at this time when we choose to advocate for discrimination? We all know the answer to this question: shameful. All the print, vocal and visual media that is hurled against GLBT people is going to be looked back at as a disgrace and taint to what the constitutions stand for. In the future these ammendments will be refered to as stains on the constitutions and states will find themselves in a race to repeal them. That is the legacy that we find ourselves facing. Do you choose to be a part of it or do you choose the legacy of being one of the few but growing stood up and did what was right?

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