Muddying the marriage equality debate

Reposted from; an opion colum on New Hampshires proposed House vote on HB 437 which would repeal gay marriage equality:

Today, the N.H. House will be asked to finally vote on HB 437, which proposes to repeal the 2009 Marriage Equality Act. This bill has seen a number of false starts since January 2011 when it was first introduced. While other bills retained by the House since 2011 have already been acted on, HB 437 is just showing up on the calendar now, halfway through the second year of the session. In the meantime, polls have consistently shown that the majority of New Hampshire voters — over 62 percent — do not support repeal of the 2009 law, which has now seen almost 2000 couples marry in our state.


The base problem, however, is that civil unions are not the same as marriage. Separate but equal was thrown out over 50 years ago in this country. Saying that one group of citizens has the right to marry and that another group is relegated to a lesser status is discrimination, pure and simple. In NH, we don’t take away rights that were given to our citizens three years ago, and that’s what the Bates amendment will do. Changing the law now, after so many individuals and families have taken advantage of it, will hurt people. That is not speculation; that is fact.

Read the full opinion

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