NH GOP Rep. Dan McGuire to Base His Vote to Repeal Marriage Equality on Dictionary’s Definition of Marriage

Today’s “gem” of reasoning for voting for repealing gay marriage equality via New Hampsire’s HB 437 comes from towleroad.com. Below is the first paragraph of from Representative Dan McGuire’s response to one of his constituent’s who reached out to him about voting against HB 437:

First of all, I do have three close female relatives, all living in California,  including my mother and sister, who have been in long term lesbian  relationships.  My sister even has been married and divorced under  California law.  She isn’t too happy about it now because she had been with  her partner for a dozen years or more, then her partner lost her job, so my  sister married her in order to get medical benefits for her partner from my  sister’s employer.  Fast forward five years, and my sister got a bit tired  of being the only breadwinner, and they got divorced.  Unfortunately in  California you pay alimony for the same length of time as you were married, so  my sister now owes her former partner five years worth of alimony.  And  since the feds don’t recognize same sex marriage, that alimony is not tax  deductible as it would normally be.

McGuire also goes on to state that his 1975 dictionary says marriage is between a man and a woman and the politcal correctness semantics of “marriage” vs. “civil unions.” Weak arguments all.

Read the full article

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