Maryland Gay Marriage Opponents Gear Up To Repeal Law On November Ballot

Reposted from CBS Baltimore:

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The marriage debate is heating up. Just weeks after same-sex marriage is legalized in Maryland, opponents are intensifying their effort to repeal the law.

Andrea Fujii reports the big push starts [Sunday, March 18].

More than 1,000 churches across Maryland are expected to offer a petition to their members so the issue can get on the ballot.

Some of the plum quotes of the article: 1) “The churches participating believe in the biblical word and they are furious,” [Del. Emmett Burns, D-Baltimore County] said. Ironic that the person saying this quote is part of a group that was was once (and sometimes continues to be) oppressed using the very same biblical word. In addition, we tend to cherry pick which words we believe in to suit ourselves. 2) “In order to save America, to save our families, we must take a stand,” said Luke J. Robinson of the Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Frederick. What of gays and lesbian families? Do not they deserve protection and equality? Also, I think that we can save America by focusing our time, attention and resources on other matters: crime, poverty, cures for cancer, global understand and peace, recycling; rather than banning loving, committed people of the same gender from building a life together, contributing to the community, raising a family.

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