Owning It

This repost comes from one of my favorite blogs, Raising My Rainbow, which is about a mom’s journey as she raises a gender non-conforming son. In this post she writes about her pride in her eldest son’s defense of his gender non-conforming younger brother and how his matter-of-fact response took the wind out of the sails of the other playground kid who was out to poke fun.

I resumed my normal breathing pattern and took a moment to relish in the pride I was feeling for having a kid as kick-ass as C.J.’s Brother, who accepts, defends and protects his girly little brother. I like that lately there is no shame in C.J.’s Brother’s life, no fear, no hesitation…


…for a moment, Kyle seemingly had the power. He saw a child doing something “different” and alerted others for the sake of amusement and attention. He thought, foolishly, that he was the first to ever do so. Oh, no my friend, we’ve been living this for half of C.J.’s life. Two and a half years of people – mostly kids — laughing at C.J.’s defiance of traditional gender norms and pointing it out to others with less than positive intentions.

But, when C.J.’s Brother didn’t react the way Kyle expected, when he gave C.J.’s behavior a legit name and, then, not a second thought, the power shifted back into our favor. When we unabashedly own our differences we shed our weakness and cloak ourselves in power. It feels damn good. We wear power well, if I do say so myself.

We should all wear our own power so well.

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