Mutual support is aim of new senior LGBT group

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A new monthly discussion group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender  senior citizens in Napa County will begin on the first Tuesday in April.

The group will offer the opportunity for older LGBT people in Napa to have  discussions, tell their life stories, share information and gain mutual  support.


Studies show that, compared to their heterosexual peers, lesbian, gay,  bisexual and transgender seniors are more likely to live alone, less likely to  access social services, and are less likely to be connected to their families,  he said.

[“]Due to its proximity to San Francisco, people assume Napa’s made a lot of  progress toward having programs for the LGBT community, but it’s only just  starting to happen[“], [Ian] Stanley[, Napa LGBTQ program director]  said.

As we gain more and more acceptance and equality by the day, we should not forget that their was a whole group of older GLBTs who came before to help pave they way. We should do what we can to ensure they get the help that they need to stay healthy and connected to the community of which we are all a part.

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1 Response to Mutual support is aim of new senior LGBT group

  1. Ian Stanley says:

    Thanks so much for highlighting the news! Yes, Napa is close to SF (about an hour north), but we’re worlds apart in terms of acceptance and visibility for LGBTQ people here. I grew up here and didn’t feel safe enough to come out until I was 27–mostly due to fear of rejection and lack of visible LGBT community. Now I’m leading the initiative to make the Napa Valley a place where LGBTQ people are welcomed, visible and included. Thank you for helping us increase awareness and for your blog.

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