NH Marriage Repeal: I’ll be back!

So says Rep. David Bates, R-Windham, the primary sponsor of the defeated marriage repeal bill HB 473,  in this UnionLeader.com article:

“If we have a governor the next term more favorable to traditional marriage,” Bates said Thursday, “that will change the dynamics considerably.”

While the trouncing defeat of the bill (211-116) may say differently, we as the GLBT community should not get too complacent on this issue. Of the upcoming four candidates for the governors office are split on their marriage support:

The two Democratic candidates for governor, former state senators Maggie Hassan of Exeter and Jackie Cilley of Barrington, support gay marriage. The two announced Republican candidates, Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith, oppose it.

Should one of the Republican gubernatorial candidates win the election, we are sure to see the issue of gay marriage equality repeal come up again. I suspect that even if they don’t, the issue may still come up. I certianly don’t expect our opponets to pack up and go home. We shouldn’t either.

We should take the intervining time between now and November 6 to keep telling our stories; keep people aware of the positive aspects of gay marriage equality; thanking and showing support for legislators who did the right thing. Then, we will have garnered that much more support to defeat any repeal should it come up again.

Read the full unionleader.com article

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