70% of Anchorage LGBTs Have Experienced Discrimination

As reported in Anchorage Daily News, a survey report released by Identity, Inc. and the Alaska LGBT Community Survey Task Force show that Anchorage LGBT people experience some type of discrimination ranging from verbal abuse to physical threats:

• 73.1 percent of respondents reported hiding sexual orientation to avoid job discrimination

• 76.5 percent said they’ve experienced verbal abuse in Anchorage

• 42.5 percent said they’ve been threatened with physical violence in Anchorage

• 44 percent said they’ve been harassed by an employer or co-workers in Anchorage

• 41 percent said they’ve been bullied or harassed in Anchorage schools and educational institutions

• 18.7 percent reported harassment by landlords or other tenants in Anchorage

The survey was taken to demonstrate the need for sexual orientation and gender identity to be added to the Anchorage’s municiple code. One Anchorage hopes to add this language to the code through their Prosition 5 initiative which will be voted on April 3rd.

Read the full discrimination survey report

Read the full article

Learn more about One Anchorage and Proposition 5

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