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Quote of the Day: Gay Marriage Equality

“Those who seek marriage equality are not asking others to have less traditional marriages. They are, however, challenging people who want to exclude an entire group of people from marriage by claiming that their “traditional” marriage is dependent on keeping … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Truth: Mary’s Conception of Jesus Wasn’t Natural Either

One of the arguments of those who have a biblical objection to gay marriage equality is that heterosexual marriages are the only union that can produce children. Man and woman come together to rear the children that they would create … Continue reading

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Brad Paisley is ‘Smoking’ Hot

Hold onto your cowboy hats and stogies good gay men. Brad Paisley has just about made your dreams come true (four of ’em at least as I can count from the photo at right). Mr. Paisley will be appearing on the April … Continue reading

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In Other Sit-com Celebrity Gay Marriage Equality News: Fran Drescher Marries Gay Couple

No this isn’t a case of those scary slippery sloap arguments of the anti-gays come to life, but rather some joyful gay marriage equality celebrity news. “Happily Divorced” Actress Fran Drescher officiated the wedding of Tom Wahlen and Russell Kemp. … Continue reading

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Tim McGraw’s ‘Emotional Traffic:’ ‘Best Album Ever’?

The packaging on Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic says that its the “best album ever”, but, in my mind that discinction would have to go to either A Place In the Sun or Everwhere. Traffic is an alright album, but no where … Continue reading

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My Kirk Cameron Commentary

I wasn’t going to post a reaction to Kirk Cameron’s comments on being gay (see video below) because I really didn’t think it would have the amount of legs that it has. Since there has been a lot of tweeting, … Continue reading

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GLSEN Teaming Up with Brett Ratner and Tom Ford to Select New PSA for Award-Winning Think Before You Speak Campaign

This came in my email this morning: We’re excited to announce a new partnership with the Ad Council and Talenthouse inviting artists to submit a public service announcement (PSA) that reflects the theme of GLSEN’s Think Before You Speak campaign, … Continue reading

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Ousted Iowa Supreme Court justices to receive JFK ‘Profiles in Courage’ award

Looks like karma isn’t always bad. Reposted from BOSTON — Three Iowa Supreme Court justices who were ousted from the bench in a retention vote after ruling that Iowa’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, will be honored with … Continue reading

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Advocacy Group Opens LGBT Senior Center

Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) is proud to announce that The SAGE Center, the first full-time innovative LGBT senior center in the country, is now open! On March 1, more than 200 friends and supporters joined us for … Continue reading

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Protest of Chris Christie’s Veto of Marriage Equality in a State that Actually Has It

Reposted from Demonstrators angry about Chris Christie’s veto of a marriage equality bill condemned the New Jersey governor when he arrived in Boston last night to endorse Senator Scott Brown at a fundraiser. [Towleroad] tipster Matthew writes: About 50 … Continue reading

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