‘The Marriage Amendment: Meaning Behind the Messages’ kicks off new series in Minnesota

From the MinnPost comes this announce about a new series which will take a look at hot-button issues. The first in the bi-monthly series will be a discussion around the anti-gay Contitutional Marriage Ammendment which will be voted on in Minnesota in November:

For the April 12 kick-off event, The Marriage Amendment: The Meaning Behind the Messages, Richard Carlbom, executive director of Minnesotans United for All Families (the anti-amendment coalition), will be interviewed by MinnPost journalist Beth Hawkins and University of Minnesota Communications Studies Department Chair Ed Schiappa.

An invitation to participate was extended to Minnesota for Marriage, the pro-amendment coalition. The invitation was declined but remains open. Other pro-amendment groups were also invited to participate, but did not respond.

The discussion will focus on messaging being used in Minnesota and elsewhere by groups fighting for and against the amendment. Video clips will be shown and analyzed.


Tickets are $25 ($15 for MinnPost and Learning Circle members). All events will begin at 7 p.m. and will be held at the Continuing Education and Conference Center on the U of M St. Paul campus. Seating is limited. Call (612) 624-4000 or click here to purchase tickets.

Read the full article

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