Quote of the Day: Jeremy Hooper’s Turn-of-a-phrase on ‘Titanic’ Theme Song

I really love the sarcasitc and appropriately flippant tone that Jeremy Hooper over at goodasyou.com uses within his blog posts. He’s very good at creating sharply ironical taunts and twisting his titles with a facetiousness that only serves to further highlight the absurdity of the topic upon which he is commenting. Today; however, he has managed to strike gold with his turn-of-a-phrase of the ‘Titanic’ theme song by Celine Dion: “I believe the heartlessness will go on.”

The quote was made in reference to Truth In Action Ministries’ appalingly exploitative Titanic anniversary video which likens the homosexual agenda to an iceberg that could potentially sink America.

See the video over at goodasyou.org and read more about the video over at Right Wing Watch.

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