National Organization For Marriage’s New Victim Plea

Jeremy Hooper, through his weekly post “Days and Slights” on the blog NOM (National Organization for Marriage) Exposed, writes this week about NOM’s latest plea for cash entitled “They’re coming after you next…unless we stop them!

The appeal is the usual desperate type of plea that we have seen before; statements of how NOM is under attack by gay activists before making a plea for cash which will be matched by, yet again, some mystery donor. Hooper rightly points out that those who really are under attack here are, again, the LGBT community:

NOM is an organization that exists only to stop and/or take away same-sex couples’ rights to form legal partnerships, NOM is seriously pushing the idea that those of us who oppose the crude NOM agenda are the ones on the attack. NOM is once again positioning equality activists as the enemy.


[Brian Brown] called us relentless, he called us radicals—he called us anything that would make us, the side that wants this fight to end so that we can enjoy our lives rather than fight for the same, seem like the ones perpetuating a “culture war.”

Yes, my pals—Brian Brown, a man who makes a six figure living off of “coming after” LGBT rights is yet again fundraising (i.e. sustaining his own income) with the notion that standing up for deserved freedoms equals an “attack.”

Read the full article

And just who the heck is NOM’s repeaded mystery matching donor?

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