Photos Stolen from Exhibit that Highlights LGBT Athletes

‘Fearless’ is an photo exhibit by Jeff Sheng which “documen[s] high school and collegiate athletes who openly self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender and are “out” to their predominantly straight teammates and coaches.” The photo exhibit tours colleges and gyms around the country and was on display at Bryant University in Rhode Island when about 60 of the photos and signs promoting a lecture from Sheng were taken.

From the website

When Sheng arrived Friday and was taken to see the exhibit in advance of his talk, he was greeted by empty walls where once his photos had hung. Apart from the absence of the photos, there was no trace of vandalism or grafitti where the photos were displayed, and a search of garbage disposals by campus buildings and grounds staff failed to locate them, he said.

Weinberger said the time of the photos’ removal has been narrowed down to 6:45 to 7:30 a.m., when students generally do not have access to the Bryant Center. “The building’s not fully open at that time. Whoever did it probably got in by following people who work there,” she said.

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Learn more about the ‘Fearless’ photography exhibit

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