LGBT History: ACT UP at 25

The Huffington Post has an excellent article about the anniversary of 25 anniversary of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (more commonly known as ACT UP); an organization formed over the lack of political and scientific response in the advent of HIV/AIDS. And while today we are often consumed with poll numbers of gay marriage equality support, we should recall that just over two decades ago, opinion polls were much more grim for our community:

Half of Americans thought people with AIDS should be quarantined and 29 percent thought they should be tattooed, according to an Los Angeles Times survey that year.

While HIV is no longer a death sentance and people who are HIV positive can live full and long lives, we should remember that there is still no cure or preventative vacine for HIV/AIDS. Funding is still needed to help erraticate this disease. 25 years later, we should still be acting up for a cure.

Read the full article

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