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San Francisco AIDS Foundation: Answering the Call

Though people are living long lives with HIV, we still have no cure. This is video is an important reminder not to become complacent in that fact. We have come a long way, but we still have a long way … Continue reading

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Transgender 101: 15 Things to Know

Education we could all use. From The Huffington Post: Because I run a camp for transgender youth, Camp Aranu’tiq, I end up interfacing with parents soon after they have found out that their child is transgender. These parents are looking … Continue reading

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LGBT Equality IS about the Economy

Frequently, during this campaign season, we see or hear about candidates or their spokespeople talking about how a particular candidate wants to focus on jobs and the economy, not social issues as a way of avoiding talking about LGBT issues; … Continue reading

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Gay Iowa Teen Commits Suicide After Allegedly Receiving Death Threats

Sadly, just days before the Day of Silence, comes this report from The Huffington Post: As KTIV is reporting, 14-year-old Kenneth Weishuhn Jr. began to be teased and bullied by classmates at South O’Brien High School after he came out … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Presidential Pretzel Candidate?

Well, this is going to be fun. Politico has an excellent article on how Romney’s stance on gay marriage equality differs from that of some of his donors: Mitt Romney’s opposition to gay marriage, which helped  endear him to conservative … Continue reading

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It Gets Better — The Theatre Project

First there was the message; then, there was the videos; then, the online site; then, a TV show and now Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles is bringing “It Gets Better” to the stage: It Gets Better will bring the … Continue reading

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National Organization For Marriage’s New Victim Plea

Jeremy Hooper, through his weekly post “Days and Slights” on the blog NOM (National Organization for Marriage) Exposed, writes this week about NOM’s latest plea for cash entitled “They’re coming after you next…unless we stop them!“ The appeal is the usual desperate … Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: Seattle Churches Refuse Circulating Anti-Gay Petitions

First a little background: Washington state is currently in the midst of trying to gather 120,577 signatures to put Referendum 74, which would repeal recently enacted gay marriage equality legislation, on the November ballot. Roman Catholic Archbishop J. Peter Sartain directed churches … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Jeremy Hooper’s Turn-of-a-phrase on ‘Titanic’ Theme Song

I really love the sarcasitc and appropriately flippant tone that Jeremy Hooper over at uses within his blog posts. He’s very good at creating sharply ironical taunts and twisting his titles with a facetiousness that only serves to further … Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: A Father’s SUPPORTIVE Reaction to his Gay Son

First some background: February 2012, Amelia, a blogger over at Huffington Post wrote about her 7-year-old son who told her that he was gay and her reacation (in this case non-reaction) to the announcement. Now, we get Dave’s, the dad, reaction to it: … Continue reading

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