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Continuing the Gay Marriage Equality Conversation in North Carolina — via Billboard

WSOC-TV in Charlotte is reporting on a San Diego church’s response to the discrimintory Amendment One in North Carolina which bans gay marriage equality and other gay relationship recognitions like civil unions: A California church [has] put up a billboard in west … Continue reading

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Is the Religious Liberty? No Homos in Heaven

The below video is from the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Greensburg, Indiana. It’s of a young child singing ‘Ain’t no homos going to make it to heaven.’ Be sure to keep your ears open for the ‘that’s my boy!’ shout-out. … Continue reading

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Kip Moore a Good Debut Album from a Good Looking Guy

Kip Moore’s Up All Night is a decent debut album. The music is easy and smooth and matches up well with Moore’s slightly work-worn, smoky voice. Among some of the highlights of the album are ‘Drive Me Crazy’ about the … Continue reading

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Video: ILove Marriage in Illinois: It’s Just Time

The below video for gay marriage equality from Illinois is amazing. I like the combination of personal stories of gay couples and their love along with the reasons why marriage equality is really needed.

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Support A North Carolina Business that Supported Us

The New York Times has a profile piece on Replacements, Ltd, a North Carolina business started by Bob Page that specializes in the sale of new and antique china, silver and glassware (‘A Company’s Stand for Gay Marriage, and Its Cost’). The … Continue reading

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A Guy, A Guitar and Good Song: Kip Moore’s ‘Hey Pretty Girl’

Below is the video for Country Artist Kip Moore’s ‘Hey Pretty Girl’ from his new album Up All Night. It’s a great song that I love for the theme of a life lived; from meeting to marriage to growing old … Continue reading

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Maryland Gay Marriage Equality Opponents Turn in 113,000 Signatures

From WTOP: Members of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, a coalition of faith-based organizations, Tuesday stacked boxes filled with 113,000 signatures on petitions in front of the office of Maryland’s Secretary of State. The signatures are being submitted in an effort … Continue reading

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Medal of Freedom Recipient 2030: Dan Savage?

Every now and again I like to imagine where we will be as a LGBT population come the future. I imagine the time when we will have our full equality and how history will look back at us with admiration, … Continue reading

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Gay High School Student Can Wear His Gay Supportive T-Shirt Anytime

As I noted on this blog back at the start of April, Maverick Couch, a junior at Waynesville High School, was threatened with suspension for wearing his ‘Jesus is not a homophobe’ t-shirt (see previous article).  The school claimed it was … Continue reading

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A Gay Affirming Church in Harlem

While a lot of news outlets are focusing on African-American’s opposition to gays and gay marriage equality, the New York Times highlights the Rivers at Rehoboth church, which accepts and celebrates our African-American LGBT brothers and sisters. In a church nestled … Continue reading

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