I Must Have Missed the Passage in the Bible where Jesus Says to Punch Your Kids

If you have read any blogs or websites today LGBT or otherwise, you have probably heard about the infamitory comments made by Sean Harris, Pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayettville, NC. If you missed it listen to the below.

Reaction to this speach has been outrage and agahstment. But the best response that I have seen thus far is from one of my favorite blogs, Raising my Rainbow:

My point is my son is gender variant.  He’s a little boy who likes all things girly, like playing with dolls and wearing skirts.  My son started acting a little girlish at age two and a half and I didn’t, as you suggest, “squash that like a cockroach.”  He’s had childhood fantasies and I haven’t squashed them.  Why?  Because here’s the thing: I’m a Christian.  One who believes that God doesn’t make mistakes.  He made my son perfectly, by his own design.  God knew every hair on his precious little head before he was even born.  Before he started “acting like a female.”  I figure that God knew what he was doing when he created C.J. and that I was given C.J. as my child to love him, not change him.


I have to believe that Christ wouldn’t tell one of his little boys to “man up” and then “give him a little punch.”  I haven’t read the part of the bible where Christ punched people.  Did I miss that part during my two years of theology courses in college?

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1 Response to I Must Have Missed the Passage in the Bible where Jesus Says to Punch Your Kids

  1. What a piece of filth!

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