The Bible isn’t BS, but Cherry Picking From it to Oppress a People Is

Dan Savage, columnist and founder of the It Gets Better project, who most often is castigated for just being Dan Savage, has come under criticizm for his fault-finding comments regarding laws in the Bible and for calling some of the students who walked out “pansy-assed” during his speech about bullying. See the video below:

What the people who focus on Savage saying “we can ignore the bullshit…” are missing the point that he is trying to make, which is a valid one. If you are someone who believes that the Bible is the word of God and has the laws to which we should all adhere, you cannot cherry pick which of those laws you are going to follow and those you aren’t. You cannot condemn homosexuality, but ignore all the other things that the Bible says because…what? Running to Home Depot to get the stones for hurling at the non-virginal women would require an out-of-the-way-trip? Closing down all the Red Lobsters would be really bad for economy and God doesn’t want the economy to fail?

If you are choosing to ignore those passages due to the–dare I say it–evolution of society and it’s views toward mixed fabrics; among a variety of other issues, then you are actually carrying the argument in support of gay equality. If we should ignore certain parts of the Bible because they are just not applicable anymore, then we should also ignore the parts that allegedly deal with condemnation of homosexuality.

Some people would argue if we are going to ignore some laws and beliefs in the Bible whats to stop us from ignoring things like “thou shall not kill?” The difference is that murder is something that hurts people and society; gay marriage equality does not. No matter how much the anti-gay Bible believers or even the secular anti-gay crowd may want to say it, allowing gay people to marry will not stop any politician from marrying their third, fourth, eleventh husband/wife. Allowing gay people to marry will not stop any politician from trying to hide the children they fathered with someone other than their wife. Allowing gay people to marry will not stop celeberties from entering into marriages that last less time than the Dinah Shore Classic or, more appropriately, less time than the lawsuits that GLBT people are bringing just to have the right to marry.

Dan Savage wasn’t calling the Bible bullshit or Christians bullshit or even the casual cocktail country club believers bullshit. Dan Savage was calling the use of the Bible as a tool to oppress a group of people for no other reason than oppression itself bullshit. Dan Savage’s point was we have learned to ignore; guilt free; with no repurcussions from the Almighty, laws that we now understand do not bring harm to the world and society. Why are we unable to do that with homosexuality?

If your answer to that question is allowing gays to marry would lead to polygamy and relatives wanting to marry each other, then, perhaps you should read the Bible beyond the part where Sodom is destroyed in a hail of fire and brimstone. Because the Bible does have something to say about incest. And it is not condemnation.

Dan Savage is being vilified because he dared to point out the Pharisee-like hypocracy of those who use the Bible as a foundation for discrimination. He dared to make believers confront inconcruities in their beliefs–much like another Man we know from the Bible.

As for the “pansy-assed” comment. That was wrong. I don’t agree with that, but the point he makes with it is true. When those who use the Bible and their beliefs to justify their condemnation find that same Book used against them, they are outraged. More outgraged then they are about the bullying that LGBT people receive on a daily basis. Bullying that springboards from those very Bible beliefs. Perhaps these people would do better to seach through the the Bible to quote passages that are anti-bullying as frequently as they do the passages that are anti-gay.

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