Human Rights. It’s What’s on the Ballot

NC Policy Watch has an excellent post about what’s really on the ballot today.

The amendment that the Alliance [Defense Fund] wrote reflects their offensive philosophy that gay couples deserve no rights—not marriage, not civil unions, not employee benefits, not even privacy in their own homes.

That’s what it is really on the ballot, a referendum on the basic human rights of tens of thousands of people in our communities.

‘Alliance Defense Fund?’ you’re thinking. ‘I thought that the Amendment 1 came out of the North Carolina Legislature?’ Turns out your only half right:

[House Majority Leader Paul] Stam, the Raleigh lawmaker, said he wanted a more narrowly worded amendment but was “overruled” by “national experts” he identified as the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal advocacy group.

I don’t recall electing the Alliance Defense Fund to represent me or to overrule members of the North Carolina General Assembly.

Read the full article

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