WA Pastor Ken Hutcherson Seems Most Gay when Degenerating the Rights of Gays

The Huffington Post Gay Voices has an article about Washington State’s Antioch Bible Church Pastor Ken Hutcherson wanting to reclaim the word “gay” from Gay people:

A Washington state-based pastor now hopes to launch an effort to reclaim the word “gay” from the LGBT community and presumably liberate it from its sexuality-related definition, returning it to meaning “happy” or full of “joy.”

Unfortunately, Pastor Hutcherson seems most gay when he is degenerating gay people and our rights; as exemplified in his WND.com article on reclaiming the word “gay”:

Dan Savage claims to be gay. But he’s not. He’s just a vapid agitator who happens to be homosexual. His subcutaneous vitriol recently burst out at some high-school students when he saw they didn’t support his view of the Bible. And despite the obligatory apology he gave for his tirade, Savage’s hostility is what those teens will remember. Nice going, Mr. Tolerance. Now, we ask you, does Savage sound gay? Of course not. How could somebody that sour and unhappy label himself that way?

And then there is the time he likened our equality to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and when he wrote on his website that “the only way to make an enemy a friend is to defeat or kill them.” Boy, that sure is some happiness and joy emanating (or would it be discharging?) from Pastor Hutcherson. What a complete contrapositive attitude from Dan Savage.

Your are right, though, Mr. Hutcherson, Savage doesn’t seem all that gay and, in truth, neither are any of us. I do think that we could be more happy and more joyful if, oh, I don’t know, people would stop leading efforts to vote on the validity of our relationships. Yea, then we would be really, really gay. Over the moon rainbow with gay.

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