Time Capsule Quote of the Day: NOM’s Brian Brown on Marriage Support Trends

Brian Brown, of the National Organization for Marriage, has put out is reaction to the passage of the constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions in North Carolina. In his statement, he discusses how this vote shows a growing trend for support of traditional marriage. Since he seems so sure, I decided that I would take the quote and place it into a virtual time capsule on this blog to pull out later, when, I believe that trend will be debunked.

Before I get to the quote, full disclosure: I ripped this idea off from Rachel Maddow. Back in April she did a Magic Time Capsule segment on her show highlighting a switch in position by Repulican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, I do not recall what the issue was and I am unable to find the Magic Time Capsule video to help jog my memory. What I do remember is Maddow reporting with disbelieving glee that it only took 10 hours for Romney to switch his position. I really wish I could find the video because it was a good segment and would give you a better example of the direction I plan to take with posts like this. That said, below is Brian’s quote:

“It should not go unnoticed that our position that marriage is between a man and a woman is gaining support, not losing support,” said Brown. “Earlier this week the Gallup poll showed that support for same-sex marriage is down. Actual vote percentages in favor of traditional marriage are rising. In 2008 in California, the Prop 8 constitutional amendment on traditional marriage passed with 52% of the vote. Then in 2009 in Maine, 53% of voters stood for traditional marriage and rejected same-sex marriage legislation. In 2010, 56% of Iowa voters rejected three Supreme Court judges who had imposed gay marriage in that state. And now more than 60% of North Carolina voters have passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. There is a clear trend line, and it is moving in our direction.” (source)

I expect that debunking this trend will take more than 10 hours, but I fully expect it will be debunked. Stay tuned for the updated blog post when that happens.

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