We’re Here, We Queer and We’re Not Going Anywhere

North Carolina has now become the 31st state in the union to add a constitutional amendment baring gay marriage. Something I am sure in the not too distant future they will not be touting on their ‘Welcome To..’ signs or license plates. But for now, I’m sure that there will be much celebration on the ‘traditional marriage’ side. Even as I write this at 1:35am the National Organization for Marriage already “commends North Carolina Voters.”

Enjoy it while it lasts, because the reality is that gay couples aren’t going anywhere. You may have imposed a bigger barrier for us to get our eventual equality, but it is barrier we are more than willing to scale. This hurdle that you have place in our path will not stop us from having relationships. This hurdle will not stop us from forming families. This hurdle will not stop us from discussing with people: friends, neighbors, co-workers, lawmakers, the importance of marriage equality for LGBTs. This hurdle is one that we will, eventually, clear.

And when that day comes, and I expect it to come sooner than you think, people are going to forever look back agahst and embarrassed about the passing of this amendment. So savor the sweet taste of your win, North Carolina, because it is one that is going to leave you with a bitter aftertaste.

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