Where Are The ‘Faring Worse’ Children of Same-Sex Parents?

The anti-gay marriage equality crowd often likes to cite how children do better in a home with a mother and a father. They like to cite data that backs up this claim. But one thing that we have yet to see is an actual child or grown person raised by same-sex parents that are doing worse than their opposite-sex raised counterparts. And I am baffled as to why, if various anti-gay marriage equality spokespersons are so sure of this data, they are unable to introduce us to any of these children or adults who are faring worse because they are/were raised in a same-sex household.

Rather than just quote some ambigous taking-point data, give supporting evidence to back that data up. Show us some test scores of same-sex reared children vs. opposite sex reared children. Show us some crime statistics or employment data of adults who were reared in same-sex households Show us some social studies done that list the various ways those reared by same-sex parents fare worse than their opposite-sex raised counterparts. Or just show us some actual, live same-sex reared children or grown adults who can tell us their own personal stories of how they have fared worse than their opposite-sex raised counterparts.

I think that this task would be an effortless one since there is all this data that prove that children do better with a mother and father. Futhermore, I think that it would be a straightforward (no pun intended) task since gay marriage equality opponets are always rustling up gays who have changed their orientation; gone from gay to straight; overcome their homosexuality. There seems to be whole host of those folks ready and willing to tell their stories; so many it seems they could create their own football league, which I understand is an exercise of some gay reparitive therapies. It seems to me that you could just as easily rustle up at least one–hopefully more–child or grown adult who can tell their personal stories of how they’ve fared worse by being raised in same-sex household.

In hearing after hearing on gay marriage, we see children of same-sex headed households speaking out in support of their parents; Zack Whals being, perhaps, one of the most well known, but he is not, by any means, the only one. At these same hearings, we only seem to hear from children being raised by opposite-sex parents on the negative effects gay marriage equality will have on them. Why are their no children or grown adults who have been raised by same-sex households that to speak of the negative effects they suffer or suffered? Quite simply, because they don’t exist. If they do, why don’t Brian Brown, Tony Perkins and others introduce the world to them?

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