Extreme Makeover: GLBT Edition

Charger Stone is the owner/promoter of DC Bëar Crüe. An organization in Washington, DC that hosts events for the Bear community and their fans/admirers. At a recent Bear Happy Hour Charger played the below video; his story of coming out:

The first thing that struck me about this video was Charger discussing his Baptist/Christian background and upbringing. There has been a lot in the news and on blogs about Pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church and his ‘cage the gays’ tirade; Pastor Sean Harris’s ‘crack that wrist’ sermon; and there’s always Catholic League’s Bill Donohue who incessantly engages in the age-old idiom ‘if you can’t say something mean about the gays (and now, it appears, women), don’t say anything at all. All of these are variations on Charge’s statement that being gay was “ingrained in every fiber of my being [as] wrong!”

The second thing that struck me about Charger’s video was how he discusses that the bear community had such a positive impact in his life. How it gave him “support…family…strength to better [himself] and [his] situation.” This experience isn’t unique to Charger. It isn’t the exception, as much as the anti-gay folks would like make the world believe it is. Gays are helping to save a lot of people from a lot of torment and anguish; even helping to save some people’s lives. This leaves me to ponder, of the two groups, which is really living Jesus’ message. I’m confident I know, and you do, too, the answer to that question.

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