Music Review: Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’

Trespassing CD Cover Adam LambertAdam Lambert is Number 1; as he should be.

Joe Jervis over at Joe. My. God. Is reporting that Adam Lambert’s Trespassing CD has gone number 1 on the Billboard 200 Music Charts:

‘For the first time, one “American Idol” replaces another at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart as Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” debuts atop the list with 77,000 sold according to Nielsen SoundScan. His arrival bumps last week’s leader, Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away,” down to No. 3 (54,000; down 55%). Lambert is the seventh “American Idol” finalist to reach No. 1, following Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken, Underwood, Chris Daughtry (of Daughtry) and Scotty McCreery’

Back at the end of April, I had written a blog post where I opinioned on why Adam Lambert doesn’t have a larger following within the gay community. The article was more focused on Adam’s image than his music since I had not really every listened to him. After writing the blog post, I figure that I should listen to his upcoming CD. After I have, I can see why he would go to number 1 so quickly and am further mystified as to why he doesn’t get support and respect that someone like Lady Gaga does from the gay community.

To be fair, I was unable to listen to the whole album since some of my music didn’t download correctly (thanks iTunes >:- , ). What I was able to hear was really great. Lambert creates an album that has a good balance of dance tunes and ballads. The most impressive thing about the album is Lambert’s voice never gets swamped by the music itself. On each of the tracks he never gets overwhelmed or lost in the electronics and instrumentals like so many other pop singers. And I never realized that he had such an incredible voice.

The best example of his vocal ability comes on the song ‘Broken English’, which happens to be my least favorite tune on the CD. The song is about how body language can contradict what one is saying; leading to confusing messages. It was a little too techno for my taste, but the way that Adam’s voice falls, rises and soars within the tune is quite impressive. We are treated to this again with ‘Underneath’ and ‘Outlaws of Love,’ which should be a new ballad anthem for the LGBT community.

The dance tracks are terrific as well. Like the ballads, Lambert’s voice doesn’t play background to the thumping, infectious beats. I especially like ‘Shady’ which reminds me a little bit of some of the disco tracks from my youth; when I was just a mere child ;).

In planning to review Trespassing, I was a little apprehensive. After writing a blog post about how the LGBT community should be more supportive of Adam, I wanted to walk my own talk, but it has been a long time since I have bought any pop music. This is mainly because I like music to tell a story. I like more than just a crazy beat created artificially with lyrics that are repetitive as a nursery rhyme. I like my music to say something; have some type of coherent arc behind it, even if it may not speak directly to me. I was concerned that Adam Lambert may fall into the former category; that I would find his music uninteresting and unappealing to me. I set my bar of expectation low, but my hopes high. Adam Lambert had blown past all those hopes and creating something amazing that borders on masterpiece. From the first few tracks of his, I was hooked and expect you will be, too. With Trespassing, Adam Lambert has made a new fan out of this cowboy and I expect will create new fans around the world.

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