Honoring African-American War Heros

With today being Memorial Day, and our military being eight months from the time when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) was officially repealed, I decided for today’s post to highlight The Root’s 10 Places Honoring Black War Heroes.

African-American Civil War Memorial, Washington, DC

There is a lot of talk today about African-Americans being against gay marriage equality (a meme which, I believe, anti-equality activists are germinating more as psychological tool vs. reality-based data, but that’s an elaboration on that in another post). Because of this, I wanted to give African-American war heroes their due. I wanted to lift them up, especially, on this day because they, like us, were discriminated against in their service to our country. And they have helped to wear a footpath, which we are following in our own quest for full equality. This is the unity that helps bring us together. Yes, there are some African-American’s who may argue that being gay is changeable while color is not, but I have faith that there will come a time when that belief will fall away. When we will be seen as brothers and sisters who are striving for the same thing: the right to be viewed as human beings; as individuals; to be judged on character not our characteristics.

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