Gay Parents Highlighted in Proposed Film By Mark Ravitz

Filmaker Mark Ravitz is making a documentary called Take Me Home: The Birth Of An American Family. The film is about adoptive/foster parenting with a couple that just happens to be gay. Ravitz states that the film is not being produced to make any kind of political statement about LGBT parenting, but just to show people who may be interested in becoming parents through adoption or foster care that it can be done and that the rewards that come with it are great.

This film is a gift to humanity; its purpose is to make a difference.  Members of the LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender) community will learn that they can make excellent parents, and that there are many many children that need parenting.  Everyone will learn that by giving this ultimate gift called parenthood, one receives an even greater gift.  Social conservatives will be challenged to examine personal prejudices against gay people and abandoned children.  Millions of Americans who have delayed having children are asking themselves: “Now that I’ve got a career and a relationship, should I give up my freedom in order to have or adopt kids?”  For them this film will be a window into the sacrifice and the gift that is parenthood.

Like any independent film, this one is looking for financial backing. The projected cost of the film is $100,000 and as of this writing, Ravitz currently has $10,000 raised. Visit the website to donate and watch the development trailer below.

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